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"Deep tissue matters most . . .
         . . .anything else is just relaxation"


Our mission is to eliminate pain, avoid surgery, prevent injury, make you stronger, faster, fitter and get you back to doing the things you love.  Life is filled with bumps in the road, rollercoasters of emotion, and moments of unexpected tragedy or injury. Most of us only get 2 days at most if we are lucky, to recover from our stressful jobs, some even less.  


My mission is to focus on the underlying cause of each patient’s condition and provide holistic, highly personalized treatments to support the body’s innate healing abilities through environmental, physical healing and bring you back to top performance in the limited time you have for self-care.


PATHS is a Performance, Athletic, Training, Health Spa & Clinic currently located in Annandale, Virginia. Founded in 2012, PATHS is an extension of The Living Fit Project. The PATHS Clinic is dedicated to pain management, injury prevention, wellness, mobility, healing and health through recovery focused massage therapy, fitness & health coaching to maximize your down time and recovery potential. 

Ed Graves, NASM, CAT, LMT

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist,
Certified Athletic Trainer & Wellness Coach

Owner Edward Graves is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer & Therapist who specializes pain management, injury recovery, post performance muscle recovery, women's health & men's health.  Edward offers various types of Recovery Programs utilizing massage, acupressure, Thai massage, Trigger Point Release, reflexology and Myofasical stretch release along with strength training, muscle repair and performance recovery . His goal is to promote healing and overall wellness.  Clients highly recommend Edward, and rave about his high level of professionalism, his ability to aid in recover from and prevent injuries, understand problem areas, assess and resolve the primary pathologies that are causing your pain and to educate you on how you can better help yourself to be healthier in your daily living and triumph in all your physical goals.


Tel. 202.709.7676

By appointment only.

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Clinic Hours

Monday - Fridays 8a - 9p

Saturday 8a - 5p

Sunday  10a - 2p


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