Policies & Confidentiality

Health History - Upon your initial visit being booked, you will be emailed a link to complete your Health History form online. If for some reason, you are unable to complete this form online, you will complete this medical case history form upon arriving for your appointment. This form and your personal information will at all times be kept password protected and safe. As well, this information and any conversation between you and your health care provider will remain confidential. If completed in person, this time may or may not cut into your treatment time. 

Cancellation - We require 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling your appointment or 50% payment of your missed appointment will be required. Payment in full will be required should your cancellation be within 4-hours of your scheduled appointment, as it is very difficult to fill your slot on such short notice.

Online booking - We are online and email/text friendly at PATHS, therefore, you may book your appointments online @ www.thelivingfitproject.com  (whether you are a new patient or an existing patient) and you will receive both an email or SMS confirmation of your booked appointment as well as a reminder email 1-week prior and 2-days prior to your scheduled appointment. Should you wish for a reminder phone call - please call or email to advise the clinic of this special request, or tick-off "Call for reminder" when you complete your online profile.

Direct Billing

  • For Home Visits: PATHS and the Living Fit Project may complete Direct Billing Services, however, it is mandatory that a Credit Card be on file, for circumstances when Insurers pay Insured Member directly, balances are due, and for no-show/cancellation fees.​

  • If your Plan is setup where the Insurance Company pays you (the Insured Member) directly -->  PATHS will obtain payment for their services, and the claim may be directly billed to your insurance (at the Insured Members request), however, a mandatory $5 service fee will be applied to your purchase.

  • Second Option: Stone RMT can obtain payment for services and provide a Receipt for services rendered.​

  • When your Plan is setup where the Service Provider (PATHS} may be paid directly for their services, there will be no fee applied.

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