Treatment Plans & Season Passes

My treatment plans and season passes are designed to help you maximize the benefit of all of the modalities of massage therapy, wellness, fitness & health. It's no secret that often times just one session by itself can produce amazing results but a good therapist who can help you with stretches and posture improvements that you can implement yourself is priceless.  Everyone has different goals, there's a definite difference in approach between people who want to heal and change vs people who just want maintenance. My treatment plans are designed to help you get to your goals.

When you initially sign up for a treatment plan we will conduct a gait, posture and musculoskeletal balance assessment and additionally provide you a personalized Performance Kit, Recovery Kit or Rebuilding Kit  (contents of  our kits and additional kits and items are available for purchase in our shop) .  The tools in each kit will be hand selected by me in conjunction with your feedback for comfort, sizing, etc of all the products involved in each kit. The kits are designed for you to continue to work on stretches, posture and the improvements between visits. When you sign up for a second or third treatment plan, you will be provided supplemental items to replenish, swap out or enhance your current kit. 


By signing up for a treatment or season pass plan you will be saving per session as compared to our regular individual prices. All enhancements are available for all treatment plans with sessions of 90 minutes or more. 

Personalized Treatment Plans


Season, Monthly & Annual Passes


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